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I wanted something new to wear around the house in hot summer afternoons with pockets for my cell, attractive, comfortable ad didn’t require a bra. I didn’t expect such a good fabric; it’s thick and sturdy and stays free of creases. The scoop neck is high enough I can bend over and still be decent and the hem since I’m only 5’2″ right above the knee. Best part of the fit is that it’s not too snug so the waist is loose on me, my preference. The slight flare of the skirt makes sitting without it hiking up possible. All in all I’d buy it again. But let’s wait until first wash. I don’t like that it’s recommended to dry clean or handwash. For the price of the dress dry cleaning is impractical, and handwashing I’m not doing. So we’ll see.
Anyway Thin material you can see my bra through it. It is though the size is 1 size smaller. I ordered a 2XL. however it feels like a XL. If you are going to buy, the amazon link for these dresses, which many people prefer, is below.

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