Eggs for healthy hair, skin and nails
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Can I eat eggs every day to make my hair strong? it smells awful, No, just eat the yellow. just eat the white if you want. I think it’s torture. Never mind, there are many other foods for your hair, skin and nails. However, if you say that I have no problem with eggs, I consume it every day, the benefits are below.

Before you read about the benefits of eggs, do not cook and eat eggs in a pan in soggy oil. You have to boil the egg for at least 4-5 minutes.

Eating eggs is a stellar way to boost keratin production naturally. Thanks to its beneficial content, this miracle food, which can be good for many ailments, can easily accompany almost any diet with its feature of keeping it full, and has a positive effect on hair health. It can grow hair faster, Curbs hair loss, Increases hair elasticity, Repairs damaged hair, Gives shine to hair, May heal structural damage.

Eggs are also great for your skin :

Tightens the skin
Provides deep cleansing of the skin
Shrinks skin pores
Improves skin quality
Eliminates excess oil from the skin
Reduces acne
Reduces acne scars
Reduces acne and prevents its formation
Eliminates acne

When we experience a lack of vitamins and minerals in our body, our hair and nails are first affected by this situation. However, in order to eliminate this deficiency, we consume eggs, which contain amino acids and many vitamins, to give vitality to the hair and strength to the nails.

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