I used biotin and it didn’t work either.
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I used biotin and it didn’t work either. I’ve been out of my money and my time. My skin turned red from constantly combing

I bought biotin and derma roller for my thinning and weakening hair. I used it patiently for 60 days.

What about the result? The result is a big zero. The current image is the same as below.

you take the rollers, you start combing your scalp for 10 minutes, you don’t do it once, you have to do it every day. Then you start dripping biotin, feeding it to your skin with a message. Normal psychological limit for the first two weeks. Then you say I guess it works, it seems like my hair is growing fast and getting thicker. After using it regularly for 60 days like me, you realize it doesn’t work.

Actually, derma roller is used for acne and acnes. Scientific explanation below

What is Derma Roller?
A. The Derma Roller is a Micro Needling toll consists of a heavy-duty roller head covered with high-quality titanium grade acupuncture needles. It is a Revolutionary beauty toll proven safe and effective to the skin. It is the newest trend worldwide in fighting signs of skin aging and restoring skin deformities like acne scars, old scars and stretch marks and so much more. It is now widely used by top A-list Hollywood Celebrities, Local Celebrities, Vloggers and Influencers as well as renowned Skin Clinics worldwide and in the Philippines!

Does Biotin Help Prevent Hair Loss?
Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, stimulates keratin production in hair and can increase the rate of follicle growth. It is not stored for long in the body – most of yours is from the foods you eat. In order to be effective, it needs to be consumed. According to a 2017 review in the journal Skin Appendage Disorders, there is little conclusive evidence that biotin reduces hair loss, but it remains a popular supplement for hair, skin, and nail growth.

I think you should see a dermatologist first. Do not spend money on these methods. Keep your money in your pocket. Your time is not wasted.

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