Coffee Bun
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●● Recipe :●DOUGH: 110ml Milk 25g Sugar 4g Instant dry yeast 1/2 Egg 200g Bread flour 3g Salt Knead for 10 minutes 30g Unsalted butter Knead for 10 minutes Rise for 1 hour Knead for 1 minute Wait for 15 minutes 3g Salted butter Rise for 35 minutes ●TOPPING: 3g Instant coffee 5ml Hot water … Read more

Mochi ice cream
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●● Recipe :● MATCHA ICE CREAM: 8g Matcha 70g Condensed milk 200g Whipping cream Freeze 4 hours Freeze 1 hour ●MOCHI: 100g Glutinous rice flour 60g Sugar 180ml Water Water Low heat 15 minutes Corn starch Freeze 2 hours Click to rate this post! [Total: 0 Average: 0]

chocolate jelly island cake
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How To Make Island Cake ●CHOCOLATE CAKE: 5g Instant coffee50ml Hot water420g Sugar350ml Milk180g Vegetable oil3 Eggs300g All purpose flour100g Cocoa powder2Tsp Baking soda1Tsp Baking powderBake at 170℃ for 40 minutes ●GANACHE CHOCOLATE: 300g Dark chocolate300g Whipping creamRefrigerate for 30 minutesWhite chocolateHot waterRefrigerate for 30 minutes ●JELLY: 90g Gelatin400ml WaterWait for 15 minutes600ml Hot water220g … Read more

marshmallow chocolate cake
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How to make marshmallow chocolate cake ●● Recipe :Chocolate Marshmallow Cake Cake: 100g Unsalted butter 75g Sugar 2 Eggs 130g All purpose flour 1Tsp Baking powder 20g Cocoa powder Bake at 170℃ for 12 minutes Chocolate Hot water Marshmallow : Low heat 50g Unsalted butter 120g Marshmallow 15g Milk powder Salmon Click to rate this … Read more