Best New York Cheesecake Recipe
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Best New York Cheesecake Recipe, Anyone can make it pretty if you watch the video well.

[Square fan 19.5cm]
✤ Ingredient 1
-108g whole wheat cookies
-40g melted butter

✤ Ingredient 2
-400g cream cheese
-200g sour cream
-80g Heavy cream
-1 pinch of salt
-80g (8tbsp) sugar
-2eggs (114g)
-15g (1.5tbsp) lemon juice
-1tsp vanilla essence
-30g Corn starch powder (can be use soft flour)

-You can substitute Greek yogurt instead of sour cream (but the sour cream is more delicious)
-How to make sour cream
(Fresh cream 250g + yogurt 80~90g + 1 tablespoon of lemon juice / fermented for 6~9 hours in a warm place)
-If you omit the fresh cream, the yogurt tastes sour (choose as you like).
-The amount of sugar is not very sweet and just good.
-Corn starch increases the density of the cake.

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