Crispy and soft basque cheesecake toast
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Crispy and soft basque cheesecake toast

[2 servings] ✤ Ingredients – 120g Room temperature cream cheese – 60g(7.5tbsp) Room temperature heavy cream – 40g(5tbsp) Room temperature egg – 30g (3tbsp) Sugar – 1Pinch salt – 1tsp Vanilla oil (can be omitted) – Bread (width11cmx length14cm x height4cm) ✤ TIP – Prepare all ingredients at room temperature, not cold. – This cake has a lot of moisture, so it can be mistaken for uncooked, but as long as it does not drip, it is well baked. – If you do not have whole bread, you can use sliced ​​toast bread. (Instead, shorten the baking time / Check the cake color) – You can also do it in the air fryer (lower the temperature by about 10 degrees).

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