How to make a Fluffy Yogurt Cake
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How to make a Fluffy Yogurt Cake

[Diameter 15cm, Height 7cm]
✤ Yolk dough
-30g (3tbsp) Cake flour
-10g (1tbsp) Corn starch
-240g Sugar-free yogurt
-2pinches Salt
-3 Egg yolks (large egg)

✤ Meringue
-3egg Whites (large egg)
-50g (5tbsp) Sugar
-10g (1tbsp) Lemon juice

-Total weight of 3 eggs is 190g (before breaking)
-Oven temperature: 150℃(302℉) preheat/150℃(302℉) 30 minutes/140℃(284℉) 30 minutes/ 10 minutes rest in the oven (bake time total 60 minutes)
(** In the video subtitle, it was incorrectly marked as 110℃/230℉. 140℃/284℉ 30 minutes is correct)
-After cooling completely, separate the cake mold and paper.
-It’s best to eat it the next day after refrigeration.

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